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Logos Quiz Review: Fun Mobile Game for iOS

Logos Quiz is one of the recent and most popular quiz-type games that will challenge your skills in recognizing different brand names. Peppered with stunning visuals, addicting levels, and user-friendly features, this mobile venture from Atico Mobile S.L. is a sure hit for players who are looking for fun ways to exercise their brains. In this short article, you will get a glimpse of what Logo Quiz is all about and discover if this is the perfect game that will quench your thirst for puzzles and quizzes.


Game Mechanics


Logo Quiz works just like the other quiz games for the iPhone and iPad. In each level, you will encounter a set of company logos, and your main objective is to identify each of them. It is so easy to play, right? Apparently, the developers added a little twist to make it more challenging.

The logos that will appear on your screen have several missing components. So you might see a Budweiser insignia without its iconic cursive lettering, or a Samsung logo that is missing a couple of vowels. Sony, for instance, is only presented as a big letter “Y” on the screen.

In order to answer the questions, players need to type the name of the company. The app will then award points if you get it correctly. Unlike other quiz-type apps like Logo Quiz, it also checks your accuracy in typing. If you make any typographical errors, your 100 percent score will drop significantly, so make sure that you take your time to type the name of the brand.

Mobile Compatibility


Logo Quiz is compatible with various Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. However, it is optimized for the iPhone 5 which means that it works better with this device.

The developers of this quiz app did a neat job at making mobile device-friendly. The sans serif font makes it easier for players to read the hints and instructions. Even though you are playing on a smaller screen, it is very easy to navigate the game because your screen is not cluttered with a lot of buttons. This app does not have any fancy 3D visual effects, so you can ensure that you will not experience any lags or delays when playing it on a device that has poor specifications and hardware.

The only problem that you will experience, though, is the keyboard. It is not that responsive, and it can throw up more mistakes than your regular iOS keyboard. If you want to have a perfect score in each challenge, you really have to type slowly and carefully.




If you are stuck with a very difficult logo, the mobile game offers various ways to seek help. The first one is by using the hints system. When you click the “hints” button, the app will give bits and pieces of trivia about the brand name that you are trying to solve. These hints are limited in number, but you can earn more by answering each question correctly, or buying them using real money. You can even ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter if you really can’t solve the problem.

The app is also smart enough to determine if you almost got the correct answer. So if you answered “Chase Manhattan Bank” instead of “Chase,” it will immediately notify you if you need to tweak your answers a little bit.

Another nifty tool that it has is the game stats which allow you to track your hits and misses while playing Logo Quiz. You can even share these recorded data on Facebook and Twitter


Design and Layout


This mobile game offers a simple yet very colorful design, making it visually appealing. The layout of icons and other screen elements is well-organized so it is very easy to navigate. The virtual keyboard is big enough to accommodate larger hands. With just a few taps, you can jump across the home page, icons list, and the hints section.


Cheat Sheet

Because Logo Quiz features more than 1,000 brands, solving them all can be a very daunting task. Thankfully, the Logo Quiz Answers can be found online. Just visit the site and you will discover all the names of each brand. This will definitely help you reach the highest score that you are dreaming of for a long time.


To Wrap Things Up

Overall, Logo Quiz is a top of the line game that will definitely make you addicted in the art of logo hunting. Its name may not stand out from its competitors, but once you installed and played the first level, you will learn that it offers a lot of features that are not found in previous iterations of this genre. In addition, this mobile quiz is loaded with a lot of content to distract you for hours on end. If you have tried playing this game before, come share your tricks, or even your opinions about the game play, in the comments section below.